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Miki's Manly Man's not just for men!

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Men's grooming products hand made in Kentucky

Unisex Toiletries by Miki

It's true! Many of Miki's products are great for men, women, and children. The oils and waxes are perfect for all hair types, not just beards!

Try the butters on dry, cracked skin. Miki's Cut Care will promote healing quickly.

Beard Oils

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Manly Scrubs

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Teeth Whitening

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Beard Growth

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Shaving Needs

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Hemp Collection

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Beard Waxes

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Beard Butters

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The Story Behind Miki's Manly Man

The beard oil and manly scrub pictured above were the 1st products ever made by Miki! She presented these to her father on his birthday and the concept of Miki's Manly Man was born. Read More...

Miki's Beard Oil

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Miki's (Liquid) Beard Wax

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Miki's Manly Scrub

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Miki's Cut Care

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