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First Beard Oil and Manly Scrub Made by Miki

Premium men’s toiletries hand-made to order in KY by Michaeyla (AKA Miki) with the help of her friends and family.

It all started in October of 2018 when Miki made her 1st bottle of beard oil for her father’s birthday.  That was super cool and thoughtful for a 7-year old!  Her father loved the beard oil, but Miki didn’t stop there…  She also made him what she so cleverly named, “Manly Scrub!”  Not only did the manly scrub smell great and leave your hands feeling like a baby’s bottom, but it really got the grime off of your skin too.   The rest is history.

Mikis Manly Man's Customer Support View
Check out the view of downtown Cincinnati from our customer support center in Newport, KY.  The products themselves are made in Fort Mitchell, KY.
Miki is an excellent student and participates in many activities in and out of school.  She has always been competitive even from a very young age, remember, she is still only 8 years old at this point!  Volleyball is her new favorite with soccer being a close second.  Check out that serve!
Miki playing volleyball
Below is Miki and her father at a family get together at a local pizza joint in Downtown Cincinnati.
Miki and her father

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